Commercial Shoreline Stablization

With new seawall construction prohibited and shoreline erosion becoming an increasingly pressing concern for waterfront property owners, it’s essential to partner with experts who are certified and committed to implementing effective stabilization measures. Farley Inc. is proudly certified by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) for our expertise in shoreline erosion control practices. Our team members undergo rigorous training in the latest Best Management Practices (BMP) and environmental regulations to ensure that we can provide top-notch protection for our clients’ properties. Farley Inc. offers comprehensive site development packages and is willing to partner with any local engineers or architects. Farley Inc. can also recommend professionals if required.

Looking for seawall installation?

Maine has restrictions on seawall construction due to concerns about their environmental impact and effectiveness in safeguarding shorelines. Seawalls can often disrupt natural coastal processes, such as sediment movement and habitat formation, which are crucial for the health of costal ecosystems. Additionally, seawalls can exacerbate erosion in neighboring areas by reflecting wave energy up and down, scouring out sand and soil at the base and around the edges. Consequently, water in areas with seawalls becomes deeper, leading to larger waves and more erosion. However, there are multiple alternatives available that will be more effective and sustainable in the long run! You can learn more about seawalls and their alternatives here.

Why choose Farley Inc. for your Stabilization project?

  • Full compliance with current Best Management Practices (BMP)
  • Certified by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)
  • Offers comprehensive site development packages
  • Can partner with an engineer or architect of your choice (or recommend one)
  • Will help you get your project approved
completed riprap wall

Our Previous Work

At Farley Inc, we collaborate closely with our clients to establish a schedule to ensure that the completion of your Shoreline Stabilization project is efficient, within budget, and on schedule. Feel free to contact us for a comprehensive list of references and details on our past projects.

riprap wall by ocean
excavator on top of riprap wall
riprap wall with steps
riprap wall overlooked by forest
beachside riprap wall
large riprap wall

What sets Farley Inc. apart?

  • Expert management team with decades of experience
  • Highly skilled teams
  • Large and capable employee pool
  • Can work with architect of your choice or recommend one
  • Full insurance coverage
  • Streamlined and organized bidding process
  • Extensive experience with government contracts
  • Dedicated billing department
  • State-of-the-art machinery and tools