Full-Service Maintenance

Experience the ultimate convenience and care with Farley Inc.’s Full-Service Maintenance—a year-round commitment to your Maine landscape that will exceed all your expectations. For over 50 years, Farley Inc. has been providing comprehensive, full-service Maine landscaping solutions for residential clients statewide. As your dedicated one-stop-shop for all landscaping essentials, we take pride in offering a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet every customer’s needs, ensuring that your outdoor space thrives in every season.

Our commitment extends throughout the year.

  • Summer
  • Fall & Spring
  • Winter

In the summer months, our Full-Service maintenance teams address every aspect of your outdoor haven. Farley Inc. will cover the fundamentals by maintaining your lawn & garden beds and careful handling of desired plantings. Additionally, our dedicated team will fine-tune your irrigation system, maintain your pool, and undertake any landscaping service to optimize the growth and appearance of your lawn and gardens.

lush landscaping

Lawn & Garden

Trust Farley Inc. to handle your lawn and garden maintenance during the summer months. Our Full-Service maintenance teams cover every aspect of your outdoor haven, ensuring your property stays pristine without the hassle.

blue pool surrounded by stone

Pool Maintenance

Relax and enjoy your pool while Farley Inc. covers all your maintenance this summer. Our Full-Service maintenance teams handle the cleaning, chemical treatments, and equipment upkeep, so you can dive in worry-free.

irrigation sprinklers on beautiful lawn

Irrigation Upkeep

Keep your landscape looking lush and vibrant with Farley Inc.’s irrigation system upkeep. Our Full-Service maintenance teams ensure your irrigation system is in top condition to keep your landscape properly hydrated and looking its best.

Through the fall and spring seasons, our Full-Service maintenance teams ensure that your landscape is prepared for the winter and summer conditions. In the spring, Farley Inc. undertakes the removal of all winter debris from your yard, prepares and mulches your garden beds, and performs necessary pruning of trees and shrubs. As autumn approaches, our team focuses on the removal of fallen debris, and prepares your lawn and garden beds for the challenges of the winter months.

mulching garden beds

Seasonal Prep

Let Farley Inc. handle your preparations for the changing seasons during the fall and spring months. Our Full-Service maintenance teams will prepare and mulch your garden beds and prepare your landscape for new growth.

landscaping leaf blowing

Debris Cleanup

Leave the hassle of keeping your property clear of debris with Farley Inc. Our Full-Service maintenance teams will keep your property clear and inviting by raking your leaves, removing dead foliage, and performing necessary pruning.

landscaping irrigation system

Irrigation Prep

Prepare your irrigation system for seasonal changes with Farley Inc.’s expert assistance. Our Full-Service maintenance teams optimize your system to prevent damage and ensure your landscape remains in peak condition throughout the year.

Throughout the winter months, Farley Inc. is committed to ensuring the safety and accessibility of your property. When storms come along, our snow removal teams will work day and night to clear snow from your driveway and walkways. Furthermore, our teams will promptly remove any debris resulting from winter storms, and implement solutions to safeguard your property from damage or hazards during inclement weather.

tractor snowblowing deep snow

Snow Removal

Stay safe and comfortable all winter long with Farley Inc.’s reliable snow removal services. Our Full-Service maintenance teams work night and day to keep your driveway and walkways clear, ensuring easy access to your home even in the harshest conditions.

plow truck sanding and salting roads

Sanding & Salting

Stay ahead of winter’s challenges with Farley Inc.’s expert salting and de-icing services. Our Full-Service maintenance teams ensure your surfaces are safe and accessible, allowing you to move around your property with confidence.

Our Previous Work

At Farley Inc, we collaborate closely with our clients to establish a schedule to ensure that the completion of your Maine landscaping project is efficient, within budget, and on schedule. Feel free to contact us for a comprehensive list of references and details on our past projects.

beautiful stone wall
perfect stone wall
lush garden with multicolored flowers
backyard oasis with stream
forest garden bed with rock
stream with wooden bridge

What sets Farley Inc. apart?

  • Expert management team with decades of experience
  • Highly skilled teams
  • Large and capable employee pool
  • Can work with architect of your choice or recommend one
  • Full insurance coverage
  • Streamlined and organized bidding process
  • Extensive experience with government contracts
  • Dedicated billing department
  • State-of-the-art machinery and tools